Why is energy efficiency for homes so important to saving the world?

Apr 8, 2022

Here you will understand the concept of Energy, and you will find the reasons why Energy Efficiency for Homes is so important to save the planet.

After each country registers an incessant fading of its natural resources, the planet begins to take its toll on us, and almost intentionally, it stops giving us what it had always delivered, it makes us go into a shortage, and suffer the consequences of the mismanagement that we have given to the abundance with which it had treated us up to now. Stable climates, fertile lands, organic food, clean water, forests and a great marine and terrestrial biodiversity, are factors that have been aggressively altered, leaving us dire results and punishing us with the promise of an imminent black future for next generations. Today, we talk about climate change, the greenhouse effect, the irrational consumption of fossil fuels, pollution and a thousand other forms of contamination, we hear about the destruction of the ozone layer, arid lands, erosion, and expanding deserts, also about disappeared rivers, dry lakes and ponds, we comment about  “plastic continents” or garbage islands of more than 17 million square kilometers, also about those more than 150,000 million trees felled each year, and of wild species displaced from their habitats, along with others, extinct completely.

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If we refer to the basic concept of Energy, it is simply captivating, to see how with a better management of energy resources, we are solving a whole series of problems of all kinds, which, being interconnected, are capable of destroying the planet.Private companies and some entities of the public sector have joined forces to generate important responses to the demands of the planet. For example, at Efficient Developments, we have focused on the development of new engineering technologies, which together with knowledge in other areas such as architecture, generate an evolution in the forms of energy consumption, optimizing them and making them more efficient. Such is the case of Energy Efficiency Windows, which minimize the use of artificial heating or cooling, allowing to isolate heat from cold and cold from heat, up to 4 times more than conventional windows. This, added to the highly resistant technology, results in our innovative High Impact Windows, resistant against natural phenomena such as hurricanes and tornadoes, which translates into a great contribution to achieve optimal use of energy resources.Thanks to our walls in Lightweight Concrete, which are not only fire resistant for up to 4 hours, but also perform an acoustic and temperature insulating function, we can say that even a normal heater could be as effective as an Energy Efficiency Heater.

Our 100% American and Recycled Steel Structures make a fundamental contribution to the conservation of trees and the protection of forests and other ecosystems at high risk. 50 trees are no longer cut down, for every house we build, and that is a source of pride.Your next E-home will come equipped with Metal Roofs ready to install Solar Panels, in addition to the latest in Energy Efficiency Appliances, so that when making the decision to buy an ecological house made by us, you will definitely enter the wave of respect and reconciliation with the environment.Regarding the World Energy Efficiency Day, which is celebrated every March 5, we want to invite you to tell us, how do you help conserve the energy resources of your region? 

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© 2023 All Rights Reserved. E-Development Group Corp.

© 2023 All Rights Reserved. E-Development Group Corp.