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Florida is a dream paradise, that is what we have established, it is a magical place and full of atmospheres and attractions that captivates anyone, but it is also a difficult area at certain times of the year and one of the reasons is that the Atlantic hurricane season is coming, but not for hurricane proof homes! And in the following lines, we will tell you why!


Although the State of Florida is famous for being the cradle of hedonism, it is also highly recognized for being a state located in a critical zone, it is likely to suffer from natural phenomena such as storms, hurricanes and tornadoes.


For those who do not live in one of our secure houses, when the rainy season arrives, fear begins and uncertainty takes over much of the population. Experts’ predictions will become the order of the day, and efforts arise to face possible contingencies.

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For the year 2020, an additional circumstance appears that complicates the panorama a little more, and it is everything related to the pandemic by Covid19, which adds one more headache, to all those who are in one way or another, to preparations for a possible disaster.


It begins with the basic adaptation of the shelters and for the less fortunate, the compulsory migration to other safer areas, because their houses were not built with the same care, with Efficient Developments develops its projects. Everything under extra care not to spread the Coronavirus, the issue gets even more difficult!


Why does none of this affect efficient homes?


It is simple, although the most conservative predict an average of 20 storms with the possibility of becoming hurricanes, our green houses have been designed to resist this type of situation.


From the beginning, we think about your future! Our strategy to contain natural phenomena was designed based on a latent need, and by virtue of the above, we could define the best and most resistant materials for the foundations, structure, walls and roofs of our houses. In short, we built a modern eco friendly home for you that is even acoustic, fireproof, and avoids termite problems.

Metal roof house

The hurricane season in the Atlantic is not such a serious problem for us, and therefore not for you, since we use concrete slab in the foundations, so that our 100% American steel structures have a firm root and keep where they need to be if we are facing a weather contingency like a storm or hurricane.


Then, thinking about the optimization of loudness or internal resonance, we defined lightweight concrete as the material that would give us two determining aggregate values. The first, the acoustics, and the second, the fireproof factor.


Hurricane season winds exceed 80 mph, and generally the first thing that gets in their way is the roofs of most buildings and homes. That is why at Efficient Developments we developed the metal roof for both the ISABELLA model and the CARLOTA model. A metal roof system so strong and firm, it won’t stand up in this kind of wind.


Our eco friendly houses for sale are the answer to the questions of the most cautious people and who take into account the issue of security, as a fundamental and determining element when buying a house.


We want to invite you to learn more about the energy efficient houses that we have for you. 

Check our our Flip Book, find more details of interest and comment in the comment box here! 



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