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Augmented Reality technology... What is it and how it works?

Modern days have led buyers and eco friendly home builders to meet new challenges each time, which we must face and overcome to stay in the game. Understanding the new Augmented Reality technology, what it is and how it works, is one of those challenges, but we have great news for you; Is easier than it looks like.


In the world a need arises, and immediately someone who satisfies it appears, that is a good thing. Those who invented the technology of Augmented Reality, did it in order to facilitate our lives, and they have achieved it in a forceful way. In the real estate sector, our clients and we are great beneficiaries, since we can more easily see and show our efficient homes for sale.



But what is AR?

There are two ways to explain it, one is the simple way, the one we all like, and the other is the one that excites purists and tech lovers, the one with complicated words and weird technicalities!

So, let’s go with the first one. Augmented Reality, or AR, is a technological tool that helps us mix elements from real life with false elements, so that later they can be displayed in such a way that they can be observed together and in real time. It is something like making photographic montages, but in a kind of third-dimensional video, through which we can walk around at our leisure, and look at the smallest details of a sustainable home. The result is so authentic that it is often difficult to distinguish the real element from the artificial one.


The second way of explaining it, is by saying that the AR adds digital or artificial information to the real world and therefore to an eco house if desired. That is to say, it adds 2D and 3D images, text or videos, and allows us to visualize them as graphic content and in real time, through touch monitors such as those of our mobile phones, tablets or special glasses. In other words, it is a tool that superimposes information or virtual elements on our vision of the real or physical world. This process is carried out through a high quality holographic projection.



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And how it works?

It is normal for one technology to need another to function properly. In the case of AR, spatial location tools are used to “put elements on the scene” so that they retain their properties (such as light conditions, surface, movement, and the 3D object model), and coherence is maintained with the space we observe. This is how for example, in the real estate sector we take a real but empty green home, and we add artificial furniture and other digital decorative elements, to show an infinity of design options and thus, broaden the buyer’s perspective. This tool is called Tracking Technology.

Let’s say that if you have a King Size bed, or if you have a work of art, such as a painting or a sculpture, you can virtually locate them in the different spaces of your new   Ehome, and you will be able to know if it fits, if there is excess space, or if It matches other decorative elements that you have planned. This will prevent you from reaching your new home and having to sleep on the sofa because your bed did not fit in your room.

Some elements used by   AR, such as the GPS and the compass, capture more accurate information on door and wall heights, distances and perspectives of the living room or garden of a   secure house    for example. It also allows us to view digital content when we search for addresses or want to see neighborhoods.

In short, you can have full control of what your new life will be like, even before you move and start living it, and best of all, remotely and from the comfort of your current home or office.

At Efficient Developments, we have made this tool available to facilitate your purchasing process, which we know could be somewhat overwhelming.

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