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Hybrid construction Technology

The world is rapidly changing, and there are new demands every day.

Construction firms must continuously make the right choices between the comprehensive strength of the building material and insulation values.

Using hybrid materials avoiding wood turns construction more sustainable changing the way construction companies work today. It is also an easy way to cut down CO2 emissions.

What Is Hybrid Construction?

Heavy construction materials provide comprehensive strength but have poor insulation, as opposed to light construction materials that have good insulation but lack comprehensive strength.

E-homes solve this construction problem with the combination of steel frame with lightweight concrete, this is hybrid construction and that is why e-homes are solid and well insulated.

We apply the appropriate technology to the design of our energy efficient projects, which makes them beautiful, resistant to hurricanes, fireproof and termite-proof.

On-Site Construction

The goal of hybrid construction is to create high-quality homes with on-site construction in less than 6 months,  meeting the highest quality standards and exceeding the expectations of modern homeowners.

We believe in Green Practices and Social Responsibility.

Investing in state-of-the-art machinery along with the number one manufacturing software for the steel structure industry is very important, as an outstanding combination of professionals, high technology and excellence in each process will make your project dreams come true.

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With over 20 years of International and Local experience, E-Development Group was created to provide an alternative to the traditional Development and Construction companies.


OUR philosophy is to build strong lasting relationships with our clients based on integrity and reliability.

If your construction company is ready to be more sustainable and efficient we can guide you through the process. 

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