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¿How to find the right Real Estate Agent?

¿Do we really need a Real Estate Agent?
Obviously YES!


Today, having or not having a real estate agent, determining whether or not you have success in the process of buying or selling a home. Therefore, the question, ¿how to find the right real estate agent?, is very important to us, since we understand your desire to complete your purchase process, in a satisfactory way.


The first and most important thing is to recognize that there are experts in each professional area, and as such, they specialize in everything concerning their work, therefore, it is vital to find one of them.

 The right real estate agent has gathered the necessary knowledge and experience to respond to all our needs, without leaving loose ends which, in the end, can translate into problems or, in the worst case, the loss of our financial resources.


That said, knowing that we are looking for a sustainable house for sale, we must define what kind of real estate agent we need, and we do this by first establishing the specific needs that we have.  


Realtor signing agreement real estate home

  • Do we know our financial capacity? 
  • Do we know in depth what kind of internal and external spaces we want? 
  • Have we already decided between urban or rural environment? 
  • Do we like the school district if we have children? 
  • Is it possible to get an energy efficient house in the area of my liking?…

These are questions to which we must have answers, before contacting a   real estate agent, so we can determine the specialty of this person and determine to a large extent, that things will turn out well.

But we must also keep in mind that you are looking for a   real estate agent    with ethical values, who believes in the sector for which he/she works, and who understands what we want. 

An agent who not only cares about selling houses, but also about the social development of the community he plans to take us to.

We want an integral agent, who works jointly with other local and national agents, who can make strategic alliances to take us where we want, and above all, who has the lists and other tools necessary to carry out their work with excellence.

A true professional, not only sells houses, also sells an entire community, sells dreams, sells tranquility, sells happiness!

Defining the answers to the above questions, along with what we consider a comprehensive agent to do, will take us to communicate with different specialists, such as   Eco Friendly Home Builders, project developers, real estate marketing specialists, real estate finance managers,   Green Homes   Appraisers, and even specialists in local or transnational relocation.

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What do we have for you?

At   Efficient Developments  we not only build   Eco Houses, we are also specific to our responsibility to the seller, and that is why we seek to give you the best. We want to prevent you from going through overwhelming moments, taking you directly to the best hands you can be in. 

We have covered all possible fronts, analyzed the real   estate agent market, created rigorous filters and finally managed to reach the best possible   real estate agent,   Regine Ebanks!

Regine Ebanks    is a certified professional, whose dedication to service makes her clients a priority. She is a   real estate agent    capable of taking charge, but who likes to listen to her clients, knows how to establish good communication with them, and for this reason, we identifie her as one of the best.

We could not be more comfortable with her presence and satisfied with her help, we know that she is a comprehensive professional, highly qualified and trained to give you the advice you need. We know that she will make your process kinder and help you complete it successfully.

We put you in their hands, because we want to take care of you!

Regine Ebanks, PA

Realtor, SFR.

Phone calls: +1 (941) 457 0342




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