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5 types of rooms that may interest you.

The bedroom is the part of the house that reflects your true essence, it is undoubtedly the most intimate space in your home and therefore, knowing how to decorate your room is very important, so you must know the tips for decorating your eco home. A room with the right details, it is a room with personality and character!


Decorating is an art, and like all art, it requires dedication and good taste. Having the knowledge to successfully combine different styles and trends requires a lot of discipline and study, and especially when it comes to decorating rooms in an eco house.

modern bedroom wood

When you are looking for energy efficient homes for sale you will find that they are very particular, due to the materials with which they were built, and therefore, the design applications that are incorporated into them must be carefully thought out. Decorating a room in an old brick house is not the same as decorating a room in a green house.


At Efficient Developments we always think about making your life a little easier, that’s why we have collected for you 5 of the most important tips that you should keep in mind when trying to decorate your bedroom.

We show you here, 5 trends in decoration for 2021.



It has been scientifically proven that colors have a very powerful psychological influence on people’s minds, their strength of suggestion is such that many times the mood and even the appetite of a person, depend on the color with which it has been manipulated.

Some studies and tests concluded that there are 4 basic colors that must be used when decorating a bedroom in an eco friendly house, and with which it is possible to significantly optimize people’s rest, and for this reason, these colors are recommended to decorate the walls and other accessories in our bedrooms. These colors are blue, yellow, green and silver. But be careful, if they are not used in the right way, you can end up making your room a complete circus.

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  • Blue: The organs of the retinas that are responsible for sending information to the brain to control circadian rhythms, are more sensitive to blue. So it is the best color to rest.
  • Yellow: It is the second-best color to sleep, it must be used in very soft and warm tones, since they effectively relax the nervous system. But it is important that there is only yellow.
  • Green: With an average of 7.36 hours of rest, the green color is positioned as the third most recommended color to rest. Also, people who sleep in green rooms wake up in a better mood and more positive.
  • Silver: Because it mimics the reflection of the moon, our brain interprets that it is night, and therefore, secretes “melatonin” to induce sleep. It is a color that should not be abused, as it can cause the opposite effect.



It is not convenient to fall into excesses, much less if we talk about double rooms. When sharing a room in an efficient home, it is very important to consider the other person’s character, personality, and tastes. In this type of situation, neutrality is your best ally. Look for a decoration that is not too masculine and not too feminine either.



The minimalist rooms are in fashion, and they manifest themselves as a great trend. You can achieve your goal by adding discreet and simple shelves, furniture with geometric figures in the design and light contrast tones. The black and white colors, both on the walls and accessories, are sophisticated and perfectly fit our ISABELLA eco-house model.


Elegant room style

For 2020, you could not miss a tufted headboard in your bed, this element together with the curtains from the ceiling to the floor, will give your bedroom that touch of distinction it deserves.


Couch bedroom window

In spacious rooms, the 2020-2021 season comes with the use of armchairs at the foot of the bed, double chairs with a mini coffee table and large standing mirrors.

Check the spaces of our ISABELLA and CARLOTA models, and imagine everything you could do to decorate your next bedroom in an Ehome!

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