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How to buy efficient homes in de midst of a pandemic for COVID-19?

Guide to make the best decisions at a distance.

Invest in sustainable homes for sale.

It is well known that the world is going through a great contingency, the pandemic by #Covid19 has taken the most important spaces for discussion and it is not for nothing, it is an unprecedented problem in our history.

Today we have impressive medical and technological advances, and even so, the entire planet is concerned about not having all the necessary tools to face such a significant crisis.

The health crisis brought with it a series of other trances such as the economic recession, which notably affects both our finances and our tranquility, by virtue of the above, many questions arise for all of us, but you can rest easy, they all have answers.

Not everything is as serious as it seems, and although the issue of the pandemic deserves to be treated responsibly, in the midst of the problem there are alternatives to face the global difficulty more calmly.

At a time when most think about their finances, the possibility arises of continuing to invest in real estate and the best, at a distance, without leaving home, and keeping our security intact.

The real estate sector reinvents itself, and generates tools with which you can use your money appropriately, investing and taking care of the environment at the same time.



Do you want to know how?

Although at Efficient Developments we are eco friendly home builders, we not only think about the environment, we also think about your comfort, and that is why apart from designing the most complete E homes on the market, we also design a virtual tour that you will use as the tool perfect to be able to see them as if you were in one of them.

We also design a booking methodology, with which you can separate these efficient houses for sale with only $ 5,000USD before July 1st, 2020, and thinking about your peace of mind and financial security, we guarantee the full return of your money in case the global crisis lingers a bit.

Not being enough, we create a phenomenal gift for you. We want to give you up to $ 40,000 USD in luxury inclusions with your reservation!

man holding keys new home

Follow this little guide!

  1. Look no further! You’ve already found the right green home, our exclusive ISABELLA and CARLOTA models are not only aesthetically stunning, they are also highly efficient and friendly to the environment. They are places with purpose and that is a “plus” difficult to match.
  1. Talk to your bank. Due to the crisis, private banking, for example, is generating historically low interest rates, facilities that you can take advantage of to optimize your investment resources.
  1. Review government decrees and aid. It is possible that both the National Government and local governments have designed plans to protect the finances of their citizens. It is time to learn about those aid that did not exist during the great recession of 2008.
  1. Find a traveler representative. Take the time to find a person who represents you from a distance, and who can carry out a thorough investigation on your behalf and can provide you with truthful information about the house of your choice. Here you find  Regine Ebanks, a professional trained to advise you effectively and efficiently, in everything you need.
  1. Take advantage of the circumstance. Preventive isolation and mandatory quarantines have tipped the balance in favor of buyers, real estate agents deal with fewer demands, and are therefore more willing to favorable negotiations with potential investors. The pandemic contingency is sure to pass, and at that point, buyers will be looking for properties again and the bidding war will start again. It is time to buy!

If you take into account these small recommendations, we assure you success in your purchase, you will own a spectacular secure house, and you will live a luxurious life in your own efficient home!

Visit our virtual tour here   and be amazed by our exclusive models, ISABELLA and CARLOTA!

Are you looking for an E-home? Let us know down below.


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