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Why is living in a Green Certified Home important to you?

The purpose is to improve the built environment and to do so in a meaningful way. EDG has made this commitment and from this moment, we will seek that all projects are Green Certified Homes.
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EDG hopes to become a leader in the management of sustainability with environmental, economic and social benefits, promoting them and, of course, through its processes and new construction technologies.


In the development of this purpose, we have been innovating and integrating ecological materials and technologies that facilitate the use of energy resources, as well as the water and air we breathe.


Our principles are clear and that is why our green building program aims for success, a factor that has been taken into account by the Florida Green Building Coalition and therefore, it is possible that from now on we will be endorsed with the different certifications in the category of “Green Homes”.


What is a Green Certification?


The FGBC continually seeks new and innovative ways to educate builders, developers, local governments and consumers, on how to achieve a healthier and environmentally sustainable future, so being on the list of companies certified by the FGBC, would be an acknowledgment to our contribution in innovation, professionalism and commitment to the health of the environment.



What does it mean?


Receiving the different certifications would distinguish us from those who do not comply with the practices or do not follow the green building standards. In addition to our work, we help educate the public about the long-term benefits of such practices and sustainable development.


At Efficient Developments, we want to promote affordability of Green Certified Homes in Florida, increasing sustainability and stimulating awareness and companionship among all those interested in green building practices.


And what is the support?


The Florida Green Building Coalition received in 2013 the ACEEE award, (American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy), and the AEE award, (Alliance for Water Efficiency).


And in 2021, they received the North Florida Green Chamber of America’s Water Resources and Quality Award.


In addition, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity has approved FGBC certifications as a requirement for rebuilding homes with disaster recovery funds.


Thus, to date, we are the only construction company in Florida that is projected to receive this certificate in each of its projects, which places us one step ahead of other construction companies.


Does your current home have a Green Certification?


Contact us at sales@efficientdevelopments.com, and we will advise you so that your next home is a true E-home!

Efficient Developments

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