Efficient Developments

Features that make the difference in E-homes, which we are proud to show you and with which we hope to satisfy your highest demands…


We know what is important to you, and that’s why we decided to open this space. A space that we hope is pleasant and that responds to all your needs, in which you can actively participate and exchange with us, all your concerns and give us those contributions that will surely be very valuable and of great help to us. 


We will show you with efficiency, the way in which you can combine, in a very innovative way, design elements such as modernity and innovation, without leaving aside key components such as elegance and sophistication.

With great naturalness, we will give you that exclusivity factor that you are looking to add to your spaces.

We want to help you create memories, we want to help you build a home …

E-homes is an ambitious project through which we build   unique houses, perfectly adapted to the lifestyle of each of our clients.

Our houses are convenient, flexible, adaptable and profitable. And they have specific characteristics, which make them especially particular. But what makes a house energy efficient?


Request an appointment here! Talk to our advisors, and start living your dream in the house you have always imagined…


You are looking for distinction, that’s why we understand the importance of good taste. We apply parameters such as simplicity and style in all our constructions.

This concept will be translated into a sea of visual stimuli, and whose characteristics captivate you.

Without any doubt, a determining factor that will help you stand out will be that elegance that will adorn our spaces.


Mature couple with augmented reality

See your home like never before with augmented reality

We want to surprise you, and for that, we are called to create. We like changes and more when they are for improvement. Breaking with the traditional and giving you functionality, is our purpose!

We are not looking for you to adapt to our concept, we want to adapt to your needs, generating solutions and adding value to your environment in order to place you at the forefront.


ISABELLA design  is one of the formats for our luxury houses. They have fine finishes that make them unique, thanks to their elaborate interior details.

This format includes an additional space usable as a   “family room”, and that differentiates the ISABELLA model from our other luxury format, the Carlota model.

Whoever acquires a house with these characteristics will acquire, in turn, a certain touch of exclusivity and distinction, typical of the privilege of having an ISABELLA design.


CARLOTA design   is the second design format for our luxury homes. They have beautiful interior finishes that make them pleasantly cozy.

Their design details, with very fresh and natural colors and materials, distinguish them from the minimalist concept of the Isabella model. CARLOTA support our high standards of luxury, exclusivity and functionality.

Whoever buys a CARLOTA model will acquire, in turn, a certain touch of sophistication that only   Efficient Developments    can capture in a space like this.


Our job is to generate ideas and build spaces based on them.

Today, we live posing different challenges and for us, your goals are our challenge. Building spaces that make you feel comfortable and at the same time prosperous and successful, is one way to achieve our goal.

We hope that our advanced ideas serve to transform your perception, finding in the modern, a new option to decorate your habitat.


We believe that the environment is a determining factor, if it is about personal satisfaction. A good alliance between the natural and the artificial is a guarantee of that pleasure that we constantly seek.

Our beautiful buildings are located in extraordinary places, which allow contact with nature. The sea, the beach, the sun, the outdoors and    high-class sports   such as Golf are factors that add value.

Energy efficient homes help the environment, this harmony between E-homes and nature will make your purchase decision much easier.


This ambitious project would not be possible without the implementation of intense creative activity. We strive to devise dazzling spaces, with which to project a glamorous and useful aesthetic concept.

At this point we configure all our talents, at the service of your needs. We order the necessary tools and put at your disposal, not only houses with a surprising appearance, but also functional and that will respond to your demands.



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