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With the first $10,000 USD you can reserve your E-home at the pre-construction stage

It sure is! Your down payment will be deposited in a trust account, managed by a highly recognized law firm in the real estate sector.  BECKER & Poliakoff Lawyers will protect your money, and will only make partial payments to the builder, as the builder shows progress in the development of the project.

Our E-homes are conducive to saving in several ways:

Precast elements and parts that speed up the construction process and time. Structure with high-quality reusable materials and less expensive like 100% American steel.

Walls in lightweight concrete that are fire resistant (up to 6 hours) and on the other hand, they are thermal, therefore they retain the temperature of the interior environment.

High impact large windows that protect you from a disaster, allow the entry of outside light and reduce the use of air conditioning and therefore the amount of your bills.

And last but not least, our Anti Termite E-Homes, you won’t spend money calling the pest exterminator.

At Efficient Developments we think about your comfort, and we use technological tools that will help you see our homes, from the comfort of your current home.  

We offer you a virtual tour designed with Augmented Reality, which will show you in detail, not only our ISABELLA and CARLOTA models but also, what you can achieve in them in terms of interior design and decoration.

Phone: (786)564-0841

Email: sales@efficientdevelopments.com

After having your payments in order, we will wait for the corresponding permits together with the final authorization from the city, and once obtained, from that moment, Efficient Developments guarantees the delivery of your E-home, in a short period of 6 months or less, which distinguishes us from our competitors, being faster and more efficient.

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