What is vertical farming?

Feb 28, 2022

Get into the new wave of sustainable living with vertical farming

The vertical farming methodology is a technique with which, surprisingly, you will obtain great benefits for your health and your finances, but let’s start from the beginning.When we speak of agriculture, our mind begins a direct trip to the field, generally in some rural sector that we have known; It’s great because we remember pleasant moments from our childhood and as they say, remember is living!If anyone had the opportunity to grow some food, the experience could be more memorable, but let’s be honest, traditional agriculture is not what it used to be, so an alternative farming methodology emerges that eliminates the problems faced by rural farmers. 

Traditional agriculture has turned into chaos, now eating healthy is an odyssey, it has not only become expensive but also dangerous. We no longer know where our food comes from, who processes it, or how they do it; GMOs, pesticides, metal contamination in irrigation waters, demineralization of the soil, or excessive salinization of the soil, are just a few of the problems that our food has had to face before reaching our table. That of healthy harvests seems to be a myth.

If you want things to go well, do it yourself!

 Taking charge of our own diet sounds a bit complicated, but it is much easier than it seems, as well as necessary, by virtue of how important the issue of health has become, globally.Vertical farming or farmscraper, is a simple methodology that has managed to bring the field to our homes, urban areas are no longer an impediment to grow plants, vegetables, or tubers. It consists of creating a kind of greenhouses, located vertically on the different walls of our houses or apartments. By following a series of simple steps such as the selection of the desired crop, its lighting, airflow, and air conditioning, a spacing strategy between the different sowings, automation, irrigation, nutrients, and adequate software, today you can do without foods of unknown origin and likely to pose a high risk to your health.If you look at it from the point of view of the amount of food that you could grow and harvest in and for your home, you will realize that the work would not be greater, once you have managed to install your vertical farm, you will be able to harvest different products, the of which will be much less expensive, since you will not have to pay the intermediaries who generally are the ones that raise the original prices of the farmers. With water and nutrients from reliable sources, you can obtain totally organic food, and that will translate into a high benefit for your body.

Considering that saving in the price of your food is already a financial benefit and that a healthy life, without the need for access to the health system, also represents a relief to your pocket, seeing the activity of vertical cultivation, as a business, through which you could supply a large part of your community, is undoubtedly a financial benefit. Not only do you save by feeding your family, but you also increase your income, marketing organic products with your neighbors. According to Despommier, a 30 floors vertical farm could feed more than 10,000 people – that’s what we call a truly sustainable lifestyle!A vertical farm system is just one thing you can do at home to reduce expenses.
Would you like to know what else you can do in your new  sustainable home?

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© 2023 All Rights Reserved. E-Development Group Corp.

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