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Why our kitchens are trendy?

After navigating the sea of efficient houses, and racking our brains trying to create the most spectacular kitchens in this market, we set out to collect the information and the best inspirational images for kitchen design, exhibited by different professionals in the matter, it was then that we pleasantly discovered that we hit the target and our effort gave the expected results.

There is definitely a consensus among the best kitchen designers and renovators worldwide, and above all, among those who specialize in American type kitchens. The spacious and functional kitchens, which have been known to adapt to the sophisticated modern open concept, so sought after these days, seem to be the ideal and what sets the trend from the summer of 2021.

And just this is what makes us so happy since the kitchens of our E-homes comply with these characteristics and others that make them so attractive in terms of design. 

carlota kitchenl

Let’s say that we go hand in hand with the concepts that would get the best comments in “Eurocucina Milan 2021”. The use of black color promised to be highly impressive, and our ISABELLA models have precisely the color black as a banner of their elegance and exclusivity, on that side, we are fine.

Many ask us … But, a black kitchen? Well, the black color is par excellence, the color of elegance and the important thing here is how it is contrasted, and the best combination for black is undoubtedly white, which helps preserve the sophisticated style and adds lighting, allowing natural light input multiplies and distributes better, making the space look amazing.

We wanted to add a third color (in different shades), with which we could obtain a greater contrast, but which, in turn, would give warmth and a more welcoming touch to our kitchens, that third color, which we include in our two models, CARLOTA and ISABELLA, we got it by adding dark tones in the floor and a window that lets nature glimpse, giving entrance to the natural light outside, which is ideal in any kitchen.


If you had dreamed of a perfect kitchen, you surely thought of different textures on your splash panel and counter. Ours is a 2 cm white quartz combined worktop with spectacular streaks of color, which added to the other details that we have told you, make our kitchens the most beautiful and functional in all of Port Charlotte.

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kitchen design inspiration modern

  • Another aspect that would steal the eyes, before taking the best reviews at Eurocucina 2020, would definitely be the island, where the whole family gathers, some to cook and host, and others to eat and be cared for. The accessible and highly visible shelves, accompanied by state-of-the-art appliances, take center stage.

  • Adding all the above, we can say that we did a great job, and we are happy for it, we achieved the goal that many families expected, we created spectacular kitchens, very spacious and bright, elegant and cozy, with a lot of storage capacity, good distribution and therefore very functional, modern and very trendy and above all, very consistent with the ecological concept that must always be present in a real E-home.

We show you here, inspiration for kitchen designs


Who would not want a kitchen like ours? Reserve your E-home at the preconstruction stage and you will have yours with the luxury inclusions below:  

  • Waterfall Kitchen Island
  • Design Consultation
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Whirpool Appliances
  • Kitchen Hardware And Accessories
Tell us what you think of the new trends for kitchens in 2021, leave your contribution in the comment box and keep an eye on our next blog about bathrooms, we also have great surprises for you!

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