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How to find the Best custom home builders in Florida and the right process of building and buying a home!

When it comes to buying a home, many people literally suffer! This is because the process of finding and purchasing the home of your dreams generally involves long and tedious tasks, which are even more complicated when you do not know for sure what you are looking for. Because we are custom home builders in Florida,  we want to give you a small guide that will explain the  process of building and buying a custom home…

Each of us has specific needs and tastes. Sometimes these specific needs make finding the perfect house can be a discouraging task, leaving you  feeling like you came up short. On top of that, the traditional home-builder does not have much to say- they dedicate themselves to building based on generalized needs and tastes. They trap us in the monotony of design and practically force us to settle for what is offered


At Efficient Developments, we do everything necessary to be the best custom home builders in Florida. In this blog, we will show you how to avoid a frustrating home-building process and how to become the co-creator of the design and construction of a house that meets all your requirements and expectations. 


We will help you build a personalized home, while also giving you the level of trust that the competition will never offer you. We offer financial protection of your money through a trust, managed by one of the most prestigious law firms in the United States, BECKER LAWYERS.


The idea is not to expedite the process, but to advise you on how to optimize it so that you can avoid unpleasant surprises, and, when you get your new home, enjoy it as you should.

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These are 8 important points to keep in mind, before buying or personalizing your new home.


  1. Buying Vacant Land: You must put your house somewhere, that’s obvious! That’s why buying a good lot is essential. Not only must it be spacious enough to house the construction you want, but it must also be well located, in a neighborhood that offers you convenient access roads and optimal proximity to different points of commerce.
  2. Research the Property: A determining factor in making a good purchase is knowing first-hand if your lot has the appropriate zoning.  This bureaucratic process can be boring if you don’t know how to do it or who to turn to. Having the correct single-family zoning to build on this home, without any environmental or natural limitations, is very important. 
  3. Check Into Loan Options: Bank loans are always the first option to expand your purchasing resources, you must exhaust them and secure them before any movement. But keep in mind that for specific cases of purchase in the real estate sector, there are also the Federal Assistance Programs and the Assistance Programs in the State of Florida. These are an excellent alternative to loans, and if you know how to take advantage of them, they will be of great help.
  4. Choose the Right Builders: Remember that you don’t just pay for a house, you actually pay for the knowledge and experience in how a home is built, and much more when it comes to customizing it and making it to your liking. That’s exactly what we give you as an added value, when it comes to building a home in the State of Florida, at Efficients Developments we are the premiere custom home builders in Port Charlotte.
  5. Leave Room in Your Budget: Knowing how to manage your budget is vital, that’s why we’ve created a section on our website, called HOME BUYING PROCESS, in which you’ll find a mortgage calculator that will help you learn how to save money on the purchase of your new home…
  6. Building a House Timeline: Once you have completed the previous steps, one of the things that causes the most anxiety and stress is the project timeline! That´s why delivery time has become a determining factor, which largely defines the efficiency and effectiveness of a builder. This is one of the factors that distinguishes us and puts us one step ahead of the competition. While traditional construction companies take up to a year or more, Efficient Developments guarantees the delivery of your E-home in 6 months or less.
  7. Construction Inspections During Home Construction: Inspections are perhaps the most important factor during construction, after materials and structures. A construction system that does not pass the evaluations of the experts is a construction system that is in constant danger of being disapproved. You must be very aware of complying with all the demands of the city building codes, to avoid citations, delays, and even demolitions due to non-compliance with safety regulations.
  8. Issues and Problems After Move-In: As we said before, after buying, many owners are left with the feeling that something was missing, that a need was not met, or that the design and space doesn’t suit their personal taste. Efficient Developments is aware of the issues this can cause, and it is precisely what we try to avoid by allowing you to be actively involved in the design of your  home. Giving you specialized advice and continuous support is what makes us the best custom home builders in Florida.

As custom home builders in Port Charlotte, Efficient Developments gives you the security of having all this,  and of learning it with us, although we do it for you and make your life much easier, we do not rest until we know that you also have the knowledge that will make you enjoy your new home.

Do you have any crazy or wacky ideas to personalize your home? Tell us in the comments and we´ll tell you why we can make them possible…


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