Advantages of Steel Structures in Home Buildings.

Read this before you buy a new home and learn why you should avoid the wood.

The dynamics of changes in the use of construction materials has always meant an improvement in the art of building. Under of the foregoing, today we talk about the advantages of steel structures, and we show how a forceful optimization has been defined in the foundation and lifting processes of the different architectural and engineering works that the world has known.

We would say that the use of steel, which in our case is 100% American, makes the difference between an Ehome and a traditional house, presents different kinds of benefits for energy efficient homes for sale, and we will divide them into two groups, main and secondary.


Main advantages of steel structures in home buildings


This group is made up of 5 essential elements that are:


  1. Resistance: Steel has very high resistance per unit of weight, which means that with this material, you can build large, very strong, and above all, very light structures.
  1. Uniformity: The properties of steel do not fluctuate over time, that is, they feel almost intact from their origin, which means the absence of typical problems with materials such as wood or concrete.
  1. Durability: Steel structures without much maintenance structures. If the necessary care is carried out, this material will last indefinitely over time, without the need for adjustments or reinforcements.
  1. Ductility: This is the ability of materials to withstand strong deformations without failing under stress. The ductility of structural steel allows it to deform and return to its natural state with great ease, giving it fluidity and avoiding common failures in other materials.
  1. Tenacity: it is a property that allows the steel to absorb energy in large quantities. It is its strength in real terms, which together with strengths and ductility, represents the true meaning of its strength.
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Secondary advantages of steel structures in home buildings

  • Ease of joining various members, either using welds, screws, or rivets.
  • Prefabrication of the different parts of the general structure.
  • Fluidity, agility, and speed in assemblies.
  • Steel can be rolled in many sizes and shapes.
  • Steel resists fatigue much more than concrete.
  • It is recyclable and therefore can be reused in the construction of ecological houses.
  • In areas of high seismic risk or prone to hurricanes or tornadoes, steel has a very satisfactory and superior behavior against concrete or wood.
  • Great savings in foundations, due to its low weight, and due to its high resistance/weight ratio, it is used intensively in tall buildings and large-span structures.
  • Constructive efficiency in terms of useful space. The smaller dimensions of the structural steel members compared to the concrete sections allow more efficient use of space.
  • The lattice girders cover large spaces and bring the corresponding benefits.
  • The adaptability of steel is of special relevance in cases of rehabilitation, either for preconfigured structure structures or for a complete reconstruction, the maintenance of facades.
  • The steel does not need to be propped up, and it does not undergo shrinkage or creep, so it can take on load immediately.
  • The development of new corrosion protection systems, which means an almost unlimited useful life.
  • The metal steel structure is light, it is more viable to build secure houses, very useful in the event of an earthquake. Its performance and assembly are controlled visually and easily.

Efficient Developments uses 100% American steel in its structures, that is why we are eco-friendly builders, and we create sustainable homes!

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